Renovation of a residential building in the Municipality of Desio (Mb)


The structural failure caused by the dishing and degradation of concrete slabs is a non-new problem, which tends to present itself with a certain frequency when the constructed element begins to age and, above all, if it is subject to moisture infiltrations or small settlements.

A valid technical solution is represented by the innovative consolidation systems through the combination of mineral mortars and high-strength steel fiber fabrics and basalt fiber networks: recently we have intervened, in partnership with Kerakoll, in the rehabilitation of a residential building slab in the Municipality of Desio (Mb).

Faced with a widespread break-up of the brick elements (pignatte) and a detachment of the concrete cover of the reinforcement beams, a preliminary phase of removal of the most damaged parts was carried out. Subsequently, the lightening elements removed were reconstructed by positioning small blocks of polystyrene made integral with the intrados of the floor with the Rasante / adhesive Keraklima EcoGranello®C

We then proceeded to reconstruct the missing concrete cover in the joists with the GeoLite® mortar: with the same mortar the bending reinforcement of the joist was carried out by installing the GeoSteel® G1200 galvanized steel fiber fabric and therefore not only was it restored the concrete cover, but substantially increased the flexural strength of the joists. Subsequently, an anti-molding protection system was carried out by installing the continuous Geogrid® 120 basalt fiber network applied with Geocalce® F Antisismic, in order to return the soffit of the attic with a plastered surface to the rustic.

It was a procedure that was taken care of with particular expertise in the temporal succession of the work phases and that allowed to recover the original flow of the floor acting solely from its intrados. This type of work can find useful application in a wide range of cases, considering that the slabs in masonry placed in work or with prefabricated joists are the most widespread type of construction in our country as regards the horizontal supporting structures.